Post 9 January

Why your sales team will love a functional CRM

Does your sales team strive to increase customer outreach and manage the insights of the existing customers better? Or do you wish that your organization had better analytics to make sound decisions? Well, the solution to all these requirements and more could be a CRM customized to your company’s needs!

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management System helps your company to improve sales, sustain long term relationships with your customer and get all the required analytics in one place! In the long run, it assists your sales team in better lead generation and hence increased profitability.

Let’s have a look at the 5 ways in which a functional CRM can be a great tool for your sales team:

Helps them to forecast demand
Forecasting demand is important for any sales team to plan the inventories accordingly. A CRM helps to analyze past trends more effectively and better forecast demand. A CRM also acts as a distributor inventory software. This helps your sales team to plan effectively.

Eases the process of lead management
A CRM helps your team to manage all the clients at one place and provides better insights which helps nurture new leads and maintain a good relationship with the existing customers.

Better supply chain management for a smooth sales pipeline
A CRM provides you with an enhanced visibility. It gives detailed insights about important steps of your business such as inventory planning, warehousing and distribution chains. It helps your sales team to schedule production better and even manage the inventory, thus leading to a smooth sales pipeline.

Helps increase customer satisfaction
Having a good CRM that caters to your needs also translates into more detailed information on your customers. This helps you understand their requirements and help the customers accordingly. It also enables better communication with both new as well as existing customers. Satisfaction of existing customers would help in repeating business and the building of a loyal client base.

Helps them improve product quality
A CRM also facilitates communication with your customers. It provides for a ‘Feedback Mechanism’ which helps you understand what your product is lacking and how you can deliver better to suit your customers’ needs. This helps your sales team to improve the features of your product and introduce new products as well depending upon the market and client requirements.