Post 9 January

Must have qualities for your company’s Sales representative

Being a sales representative is a job that requires extreme dedication and some essential qualities which help them represent your product better to your clients. Here are 10 such qualities that your sales representative must have:

Knowledge about the industry, your products and solutions
It is important that your sales representative is well-versed in the industry. Apart from that they should be aware about the products that your firm has to offer, whether they have any shortcomings and what all is being done for improvement. This ensures that they are better placed to answer your client’s queries about your products.

Listening Skills
Listening is an art. It is important that your sales representative knows how to listen. This helps them incorporate feedback better and resolve issues from the client’s end.

A Sales Representative is accountable, both to their sales team as well as to the client. They thus need to ensure that there is no discrepancy between what they profess to the client and what the team delivers.

Tech Savvy
It’s a global village today with technology being a differentiating factor. Your sales representative needs to be tech savvy to use the modern technologies at their disposal to better represent your product.

Inclination Towards Learning
Learning is a continuous process. As the market, industry and technologies surrounding your product keep on evolving everyday, it is important for your sales representative to learn and educate themselves about the evolving market, about competitor firms as well as about the client.

Communication Skills
Being able to communicate well is an important skill, especially in a role such as that of a sales representative. A healthy communication with your client is the way forward to build a lasting partnership.

Confidence and Enthusiasm
Your Sales Representative should be confident about your product. They should have faith in the team’s capability to deliver to the client’s needs. They should also be enthusiastic enough for the client to feel that they actually care about their requirements. This builds trust.

Punctual and Goal oriented
Delivering on time is important in building sustainable partnerships. Clients look for punctuality to ensure a smooth sales process. A Sales Representative also needs to be future oriented and should have aims and goals clearly listed for increasing sales and nurturing more prospects.

Sales is not a smooth ride. Many times, the numbers dwindle and there seems to be a sales block. Your Sales Representative needs to be resilient enough to bounce back from such a roadblock. Positive mindset is essential for making newer plans and chalking better strategies if the earlier ones fail.

A persistent sales representative would ensure that they are able to convince the clients to have faith in your company’s products. A balanced persistent approach which does not come off as too desperate can even turn about your client’s decision from negative to positive.