Post 9 January

Is this buyer ‘the one’? A Sales Process Checklist

During the sales process, it’s essential that your Marketing Team is able to better identify prospective leads that are sales ready. This identification makes it easier for your Sales Team to pursue probable buyers and makes the whole sales process efficient as well.

The following checklist has the 5 key identification markers that can make it easier to spot purchase intent amongst the plethora of leads generated everyday:

Fits into your Perfect Client Profile
Make an ideal client profile based on your previous customers. If the lead matches the profile in terms of demographic, requirements and background, then the lead qualifies as a prospect.

Enquiries about product pricing
If a lead constantly asks about your solutions products and software, it shows that the lead is interested in your product, be it your metal ERP, advanced steel software or on demand cloud. Such a lead also qualifies as a prospect.

Engaging with regular emails
Just subscribing to your mailing list does not qualify a lead as a prospect. Try monitoring the engagement with emails, which includes replying to emails, clicking the links mentioned in your email and downloading related attachments which may include your prospectus, white papers and case studies.

Interest in booking demo and trials
Though booking demos and trials does not indicate direct interest in your product, it shows micro intent. This lead can be nurtured into a prospect through further emails and correspondence.

Frequency of engagement with the website
The number of clicks, times the lead accessed the website in a day, views on products and services listed and the access to high quality content such as ERP white papers, is an indication of the lead being a prospect.

These 5 components of this checklist can ensure a smoother sales process by ensuring that the marketing team is able to better identify the prospect. It also makes the work of the Sales Representative much easier.