Post 9 January

CRM: challenges in consolidating Customer data and EOXS solutions

The Steel Industry is constantly evolving and so are the challenges being faced. Managing inventories, leads and customer outreach form essential components of your firm’s sales. Managing customer data, including prospective leads, follow up emails and resource material is important. But often, due to lack of data, it makes it difficult for your sales team to forecast demand. This leads to unmanaged inventories.

EOXS CRM helps your company to combat these challenges in the following ways:

Simplifies Collaborations
EOXS CRM makes it easier for your teams to collaborate with one another as well as with clients on various projects. It eases the process of monitoring developments and progress as well.

Automates Marketing Activities
Your team no longer has to fret about cold calls and emails for outreach. EOXS CRM helps automate the process for your marketing team.

Helps Track and Convert Leads
EOXS CRM helps you track and manage leads. It also helps your sales team to identify prospects from leads and nurture the prospects for driving up your firm’s sales.

Drives Sales
Managing inventories and demanding forecasts properly, amps up the delivery and increases sales better. Email marketing and better customer feedback can help increase sales. EOXS CRM helps build better customer relations and goes a long way in driving sales.