5 Essential Components of a Sales Developement Process

Sales Development Process acts as a link between marketing and sales. It is essential to have a good Sales Development Process to ensure smoother lead generation for your firm. A good Sales Development Plan helps your marketing team to identify the Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). It further ensures that your Sales Representative knows which prospect to nurture and which ones to engage to close the deal. Not only does it make the sales pipeline more robust but it also ensures an alignment between Marketing and Sales.

The following are the must have components for your Sales and Marketing team to have a better Lead Generation Process:

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be a guiding force

Do you sometimes feel as if there is something amiss between your marketing and sales team? Do you feel that even though your marketing team is working to generate traction, the sales team is getting less Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)?

A way out of this scenario is a Service Level Agreement. A Service Level Agreement helps to formalize a relationship between your marketing and sales team. It points out the deliverables from one team to another and what each party expects of the other during the Lead Generation Process.

It thus helps both the teams to agree on broader definitions and expectations for a better overall growth of the organization.

A Lead Qualification System that works

Any organization needs to identify and differentiate between qualified and non qualified leads to not waste the time of the Sales Representative. For instance, every person who registers on your website for a newsletter is not a confirmed lead. Cold calling and Emailing every other person would not be an efficient step for your Sales Representative. An ERP Dashboard also facilitates this.

There needs to be a well thought out and planned Lead Qualification System at the disposal of your marketing and sales team, for optimal time utilization when pursuing probable prospects.

A CRM designed to suit your team’s needs

How would you identify which CRM suits your team’s needs? Well, for starters, it should not add on to the administrative responsibilities of your Sales Representative. Rather, it should make it easier for them to manage their leads and to organize their process better.

When choosing your CRM and Sales Software, make sure that it helps your Sales Representative in choosing the prospects more efficiently and helps them to make information gathering easier. Check out our guide to selecting a CRM for your company!

EOXS CRM has been developed by people having extensive experience in Steel Sales Process and it assists your firm from Lead Generation Activities to Sales Management. The best part is that it is customized based on your team’s specific needs.

Extensive Sales Analytics and Reports

Data narrates a story. For any sales team to function well, extensive data is required. Past trends dictate future outcomes in the form of sales forecasting. Reports and Analysis of sales trends equips the Sales Representative to understand market demands and demographics.

Right process at the right time with right analysis software, makes your sales team a pro at the Lead Generation Process. This is where EOXS ERP and CRM are useful tools. Our Report Builder provides detailed reports customized to suit your sales team’s requirements.

Collaboration and Feedback

One way to better the process of syncing your marketing and sales team is to provide a feedback mechanism. No collaboration is complete without feedback on the challenges faced during the lead generation process, how the process can be made smoother for the betterment of the sales pipeline.

Thus, an understanding based on detailed feedback can be a way to facilitate a better Sales Development Process.

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