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EOXS dream, architect, design and develop. But more than that, we are a team of passionate people driven by one relentless pursuit- to craft innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled results for the steel industry

Steel Industry on Digitalization

If the steel industry doesn't really migrate towards, an e-commerce type platform, I think it's going to cause some issues." - Eric Engels

With AI, I think you’ll see more of the analytics integrated in because customers oftentimes don’t have a real good sense of what they’re using and how often they need it.“

You’re going to see people move more into a technology based arena- more and more customer portals, more access to system sharing.“

Making Steel
Sexy Again

The Defining Book on $1700 Billion Steel Industry

  • Making Steel Sexy Again accurately weaves story of the genesis, legacy, innovations and countless opportunities in the US steel industry."
  • A gripping read for anyone who lives, breaths and has grown up a part of the steel industry."
  • Must read! As an industry insider the author interestingly shares a very unfiltered story about the urgency of innovation in distributorship."

Improved Staff Efficiency



Real time information reduces human errors and simplifies transaction processes.


Time Saved

Reduce repetitive processes and manual data entries.


Order Delayed

Coordinate all supply chain activities and achieve on-time delivery in full quantity.

Better Inventory Control



Identify stocks with issues to avoid mishandling of goods.


Excess Inventory

Better inventory forecast with historical sales data and seasonal trend.


Warehouse Efficiency

Improve warehouse operations with barcode scanning to enhance performance.

Improved Profit & Margin


Operation Cost

Real time information to reduce operation and administrative costs.


Customer Satisfaction

Drive up your customer satisfaction level with on time delivery.


Inventory Cost

Reduce costs by cutting down unnecessary inventory in warehouse.

Certified Engineers with in-depth
knowledge of Steel.

Our teams can design, build, ship and scale your idea and make it a reality in the most efficient way.

Skilled techies,


Definite process,

extraordinary results

Unmatched transparency,

offering total visibility

The relentless pursuit of being
the best in digital transformation of Steel

Our recognition validate that when Steel businesses think about expanding into the digital era, we are the top ERP software company in North America


Highly customizable - software adapts to steel business needs”


Holistic steel ERP with end-to-end integration across all operations”


Robust & Powerful Business Solution”

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Our strength lies in the comprehensive suite of product and services we offer to our clients. From an ERP for your steel business to just consultancy- you demand, we deliver.

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"EOXS ERP is not a software, its a business solution"

Steel Manufacturing Software


"Change is difficult, not to
change is fatal "

Industry recognition drives us

Goodbye to

Our ERP integrates with

and 34 other tools, you might be using.

Innovation Award

winning software

President’s Cockpit

All your companies "Key Performance Indicators" on a single screen.

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Steel ERP Software Services in USA

Are you looking for the best steel ERP software services? Then, you have hit the right platform. EOXS is the leading hub where you get ERP Software for Steel Industry. We are working closely with certified engineers and providing trusted Steel Service Centre Software that makes us capable of taking customer satisfaction to the next level. We help you reduce operation time and provide you with real time solutions. This is why we are introducing Custom Software ERP Solutions for Steel Industry. We ensure you get the best ERP Software for Steel Industry and efficiently increase your business growth. There is no denying that ERP Software for Steel Manufacturing has a great demand. This is why we are proud to introduce ourselves as Steel Service Centre Software. We have come up to your aid to provide reliable solutions in the veil of Steel Industry Software. We are proud to know that your search for a Steel ERP Software Company is over at EOXS. Now, stay tuned with our Steel ERP Software Company and get unmatched solutions right away.


ERP Isn’t Simply an Application, It’s the Heart of any Organization ERP is

ERP – A ‘Way of Life’, Not Just a Software Platform

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