Frequently Asked Question

EOXS’s Cloud-based ERP systems run on an internet-connected website. In case of low internet bandwidth situations, EOXS’s ERP allows users to access resources available offline stored on local systems linked with EOXS’s ERP that can be used without internet bandwidth.

There is no such thing as ISO 9001 Certified Software.

The certification concerns the company and its quality management processes, not the tools/software they use. ISO 9001 is the only standard in the family that can be certified.

Yet, EOXS can be a great tool to implement your quality management processes.

This standard is bases on several quality management principles (QMP), including strong customer focus, motivation, and implication of top management, process approach, and continual improvement.

Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits and EOXS ERP helps you to achieve it.

EOXS’s ERP is a cloud-based software migrating to such a system would eliminate your business’s need for hardware, product installations on systems, home login support. The users can log in to the server using login id and password access given by access controls.

EOXS’s inventory management solution offers order tracking, increased productivity, improved efficiency, and inventory optimization. These are features that can not only help distributors minimize manual work and streamline their operations, but also reduce costs, improve efficiencies and simplify even the most dynamic distribution environments.

Our implementation generally takes about 4-6 weeks. However, there are multiple factors that drive the timeline.

– Your response time for calls, meetings, providing information we ask for, data, etc.

– Your expectation on V1.

– Customer customizations

Also, We document the entire implementation cycle on a Gantt chart breaking everything into milestones and providing you weekly updates.

You can read more about our implementation cycle on Blog: EOXS’s Cloud ERP Implementation cycle.

EOXS’s ERP is cloud-based software the performance of the software can be enhanced anytime. EOXS’s ERP is built on top of PostgreSQL. Therefore it is not so much dependent on PostgreSQL itself. We have personally worked with large databases (100 million records+). We would recommend splitting PostgreSQL and EOXS’s ERP on two separate servers and also using the latest version. And also make sure you index the correct columns to make searches efficient.

EOXS’s documents module was designed to assist businesses in going paperless but still meeting their expectations through proper record keeping and document organization. A software solution is unavoidable in the age of digital records. It incorporates all ISO quality manual and internal, financial, HR, recruitment or any othe product documents.

The best part about EOXS ERP is cloud storage is that you can increase or decrease the space as per your requirements without complications.

The cloud storage works on the model Pay-for-what-you-use which facilitates you to scale up and down as per your requirements. You can scale as your requirements increase.

EOXS’s inventory management module keeps tracking the incoming and outgoing inventory. It organizes data by taking the necessary details from various stored resources.

The processing time by automating the inventory transactions improving transparency in all business operations. Efficiently organize warehouse via a smart double entry inventory system ensuring efficient stocking method and improved internal operations.

It also drafts delivery order in simple steps and also effectively manages the incoming shipment details and inventory counts (cycle counts).

It manage the multiple locations, packing on the basis of barcodes, efficient scrap management, stock transfer option etc. Unload incoming material and transfer to outbound gates with no storage in between.

Manage overall warehouse within the same system.

The inventory adjustment functionality in EOXS’s ERP helps its users to change the product quantity or update the quantity by verifying the physical quantity, which will be reflected in the stock quantity of the product. The inventory adjustment functionality also helps the users to make records of the inventory adjustments and the product moves done in the EOXS’s ERP platform.

EOXS’s ERP can manages maintenance operations based on equipment and equipment running time, that will help customer and operator know what to do, which part needs to replaced, what need to replace, what we need to prepare for maintenance. All data can be stored in the system giving room for further customization in accordance to business requirements.

“EOXS’s E-Learning module provides an opportunity for creating courses online, further enabling the visitors to join and complete their course in accordance with the rules configured while creating the course.

This module also provides an interesting dashboard for the user who is currently logged into the website, showing several details such as status of the courses which he joined, badges he acquired, rank and other profile information.”

With EOXS’s Social marketing module you can plan, monitor, and analyze your accounts in one place

Find new customers and keep users’ engaged.

Being present on Social Media increases awareness, connects you with your customers, boosts leads, and income. It can also provide customer support and help broadcast important company news and messages across social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.